Soba Cha/Buckwheat Tea (Flavor: OriginalNutty) - AromActive wellness-tea
15-day supply of AromActive tea bags (Buckwheat Tea/Soba Cha): Tasty organic
tea to promote Metabolic Balance, Glucose Balance, Blood Cholesterol Balance
and Blood Pressure Balance, and to support body's natural healing of
prediabetes and diabetes. It comes in one pack of OriginalNutty flavor
AromActive tea bags ...

Soba Cha vs. Green Tea - AromActive
Green/white/black tea is well known for their antioxidant content and natural
healing remedy on the effect of cardiovascular diseases and other metabolic
diseases. However, the caffeine content within the cups prevents many people
from enjoying these benefits. There are many side effects for caffeine
consumption, ...

AromActive - The Premium Soba-Cha (Buckwheat Tea)
The ingredients used to make AromActive tea are harvested in mountains over
an elevation of 8,200 feet, free of any pollution. Raw materials of the AromActive
tea are 100% natural, and go through stringent seed selection and process
procedures to preserve the natural nutrients in the buckwheat seed. The facility is

Health benefits of tea - AromActive
Health benefits of tea: Green tea, black tea, white tea, herbal tea, buckwheat tea,
soba cha, instant tea.

Soba Cha and Metabolic Wellness - AromActive
One of the major ingredients in AromActive is tartary black bitter buckwheat. The
metabolic benefits of buckwheat were known in ancient Mongolia, China, Russia,
and India. Buckwheat tea (or Soba Cha in Japanese) drinking is a wellness
tradition in many Asia countries. Modern science has shed some lights on ...

Special Consideration in Selecting Tea for Seniors - AromActive
Decaffeinated tea may looks like one choice, yet the decaffeination process itself
is an unnatural chemical process that not only destroys the antioxidant contents,
but also makes the tea more danger than its unmodified version. The solution to
this is AromActive. The main ingredient of AromActive is buckwheat plant.

About AromActive
The tea is 100% natural, and it has a delicious nutty, malty Soba flavor. The
AromActive aroma and nutritional content make this tea a trendy drink for relaxing
, thirst-quenching, hunger-quenching for diet control, natural prediabetic diet, and
metabolic wellness. AromActive - A delicious step towards A wellness lifestyle.

AromActive - Metabolic Wellness Tea - Support Body's Natural Healing
AromActive - Leading Wellness Tea Brand Supporting Body's Natural Healing -
Glucose Balance - Cholesterol Balance - Blood Pressure Balance- Rich in Anti-
oxidant - Caffeine-free.


AromActive - Metabolic Wellness Tea - Support Body's Natural Healing