How Our Tea Works

For any diet or food detox plan, you know that the most difficult part to succeed on the diet is to overcome the craving for food.  At this point, you force yourself to change to a different lifestyle, but your body simply reluctant to change. Your body asks badly for the freedom to eat, even though it is not truly hungry for most of the cases. If you are looking for a naturally caffeine-free snack tea to curb fake hunger without extra calories or a morning detox tea rich in antioxidant, AromActive is your perfect choice with the following key features:

  • * Low calories (<2.5 calories) per cup, yet rich in minerals, amino acids, and enzymes to curb fake hunger
  • * Satisfying rich nutty aroma to tame Carb/sugar cravings
  • * Rich in antioxidants to detox your body
  • * Naturally caffeine-free to avoid caffeine toxin
  • * No artificial flavor and gluten free to avoid exotoxin

AromActive helps you achieve craving-free thus successful diet or food detox goal. 

AromActive is a functional wellness tea that delivers unique nutrient combination supporting your diet plan.  Three key functions work together to support any detox, weight-loss, prediabetic, diabetic, and other diet programs.  Enjoy AromActive: Drink as much as you like.  1 tea bag makes 10 cups of tea.  Suitable for coffee makers and carafes.   Curb Fake Hunger: Contains full spectrum of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and unique aroma that help curb fake hunger.  An ideal part of detox, weight-loss, and other diet plans.  Balance metabolism:  Well-known natural remedy to promote metabolic balance by supporting the body’s natural abilities to heal and to regulate blood sugar, blood cholesterol, and blood pressure.  Rejuvenate Body: Rutin and flavonoids help clear oxidative stress, rejuvenate pancreas cells and reduce the effects of aging.  * Caffeine-free: Ideal wellness drink for prediabetes and diabetes who also crave for a nice sleep. * Never artificial. Made with all natural herbs, ingredients selected from mountains over an elevation of 8,200 feet, free of any pollution. * Rich Nutty Taste. An enjoyable step towards metabolic wellness.

Health drink for diabetes diet - 100% natural, Rich in Antioxidant, Rich nutty taste.