How AromActive Tea Works for Prediabetes

If you have prediabetes, how to reverse it naturally? and how to prevent it from progressing into diabetes?

Here is the simple answer - a health-promoting eating style coupled with frequent exercise. The best diet for humans to live longer in superior health is also the best diet for metabolic wellness.  It is not simply a low-carbohydrate diet or a low-fat diet; it is a high-nutrient (Nutritarian) diet, an eating style that focuses on the quality of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats; an eating style with a high micronutrient to calorie ratio.

When one eats a diet predominating in nature’s ideal foods—green vegetables, beans, mushrooms, onions, berries, garlic, raw nuts and seeds, it becomes relatively easy to quickly shed excess pounds without hunger or deprivation, and bring glucose numbers back down into the non-diabetic range.  Detox program is also helpful for prediabetic community.

AromActive tea is the nature's gift for metabolic wellness to support your pursuit of freedome from diabetes.  We wish you enduring health and a long life... it can be yours.   See the following chart on how AromActive tea works:

AromActive is a functional wellness tea that delivers unique nutrient combination supporting body’s natural healing of prediabetes.  * Promotes blood sugar balance. DCI and chromium gradually supporting body’s natural healing in its ability to regulate blood sugar level * Natural hunger quenching. Full spectrum of amino acids, vitamines and minerals make you feel full. An ideal part of a diet and weight loss plan.  * Rejuvenate body: Naturally rich in anti-oxidants, rutin and flavonoids.  Helps to clear up oxidative stress and rejuvenate your body.  * Caffeine-free: Ideal wellness drink for prediabetes and diabetes who also crave for a nice sleep. * Never artificial. Made with all natural herbs, ingredients selected from mountains over an elevation of 8,200 feet, free of any pollution. * Rich Nutty Taste. An enjoyable step towards metabolic wellness.
Three key functions of AromActive tea work together to support your body’s natural healing.  Enjoy AromActive: As a daily beverage or fitness drink.  For hunger quenching as a fitness tea, drink 1-2 cups before each meal.  One ta bag is for 10 cups, and only cost 12 cents per cup.  Suitable for coffee maker and carafes.  Glucose Balance: DCI and chromium promote glucose balance by supporting body’s natural healing in its ability to regulate blood sugar.  Hunger Quenching: <2.5 Cal per cup!  Yet full spectrum of amino acids, vitamins and minerals help with pancreas healing and also curbe your appetite.  An ideal part of a diet and weight loss plan.   Rejuvenate Body:  Rutin and flavonoids help to clear up oxidative stress and rejuvenate pancreas cells.  Reduce the effect of aging. 100% natural.  Rich nutty flavor.  Naturally caffeine-free.