Metabolic Wellness Drink for Tea Lovers


AromActive – The Metabolic Wellness Drink for Tea Lovers


  1. High in anti-oxidant to for body rejuvenation.  Rutin and flavonoid antioxidants help to clear up oxidative stress and rejuvenate cells.   Reduce the effect of aging. 


  1. Naturally caffeine-free.  Promotes good sleep without caffeine disturbance.  No chemical contaminations derived from de-caffeination process.


  1. Community considerations.   Gluten free.  Dairy product free.  No sugar is added.  No artificial flavor.  100% natural.


  1. Curb fake hunger in detox and diet program.   <2.5 Cal per cup! Yet full spectrum of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals help with cell healing and also curb your appetite.  An ideal part of a diet and weight loss plan.


  1. Rich buckwheat nutty taste.  Very satisfying taste, and a great relaxation drink


  1. Designed for coffee-maker.  Easy and safe brew.  One tea bag to make 10 cups of tea. 


100% natural, gluten free, no sugar added, no artifical flavor, naturally caffeine-free