Gift for Wife - Metabolic Wellness Tea

Health and Unique Gift for Your Wife

Shopping is not often on the list of favorite activities for most guys!  Yet, ever year we trudge out to the mall looking for the gift that will bring that special “wow” smile to our wife’s face! 

With its unique taste and health benefit, AromActive tea could be a good choice as a unique health gift for her.  Considering the following features:

High in anti-oxidant to for body rejuvenation.  Rutin and flavonoid antioxidants help to clear up oxidative stress and rejuvenate cells.   Reduce the effect of aging.

Naturally caffeine-free.  Promotes good sleep without caffeine disturbance.  No chemical contaminations derived from de-caffeination process.

Community considerations.   Gluten free.  Dairy product free.  No sugar is added.  No artificial flavor.  100% natural.

Diet support.   <2.5 Cal per cup! Yet full spectrum of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals help with cell healing and also curb your appetite.  An ideal part of a diet and weight loss plan.

Rich buckwheat nutty taste.  Very satisfying taste, and a great relaxation drink

Designed for coffee-maker.  Easy and safe brew.  One tea bag to make 10 cups of tea.

With AromActive, bring metabolic wellness into her and your life!