Gift for Husband - Metabolic Wellnes Drink

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The rates of diabetes have dramatically increased in all states.  Twenty-six million children and adults in the United States -- 8% of the population -- have diabetes.  The risk for type 2 diabetes typically increases with age. In the absence of risks, testing should begin after age 45. One of the biggest jumps in type 2 diabetes was among men.  In the US alone there are three times as many prediabetics as people with diabetes (79:27 million). And most people with prediabetes will develop diabetes within ten years.

The good news is that prediabetes doesn't necessarily progress to diabetes. There are steps you can take to control your blood sugar now to reduce your risk for developing diabetes and minimize your risk of all health complications — and everyone should be aware of them, particulary for men who have higher risk than women for diabetes.

AromActive is the leading metabolic wellness tea brand, supporting the natural healing of prediabetes and diabetes.  Considering the following features of our tea:

High in anti-oxidant to for body rejuvenation.  Rutin and flavonoid antioxidants help to clear up oxidative stress and rejuvenate cells.   Reduce the effect of aging.

Naturally caffeine-free.  Promotes good sleep without caffeine disturbance.  No chemical contaminations derived from de-caffeination process.

Community considerations.   Gluten free.  Dairy product free.  No sugar is added.  No artificial flavor.  100% natural.

Diet support.   <2.5 Cal per cup! Yet full spectrum of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals help with cell healing and also curb your appetite.  An ideal part of a diet and weight loss plan.

Rich buckwheat nutty taste.  Very satisfying taste, and a great relaxation drink.

Designed for coffee-maker.  Easy and safe brew.  One tea bag to make 10 cups of tea.

Prediabetes is lifestyle problem and is never too early to prevent. Give AromActive tea as a wellness awareness gift to your husband, so he can start incorporating it casually into his tradition of life.  Together, we can make our loved ones and the world different !