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what to eat when on a diet and hungry - let AromActive helps your detox and diet program

easy your fake hunger in detox cleanse

If you were in a diet plan, you know that the most difficult part to succeed on a diet is to overcome the craving for food. At this point, you force yourself to change to a different lifestyle, but your body simply reluctant to change. Your body asks badly for the freedom to eat, even though it is not truly hungry for most of the cases. For most people, habit is difficult to change. Your mind is beaten by your body, because mind is not persistent enough as your body, and you mind would say: ”Boy, just a few nuts wouldn’t hurt.” But what happens after that is: “just one more bite of fish, some more rice…” and you fail your diet plan. There are only two ways to handle this. One, you mind should be more persistent. This is terrible uncomfortable as you would agree. Second and the easier option is to cheat your body with some food that does not add in extra calorie but gives your body sense of satisfaction. 

“What kind of food can help me to succeed in my diet plan and shed my extra weight?” or "what to eat when on a diet and hungry?" The answer is easy. That is any food that makes you satisfied, but without calorie. If you are in a detox plan, the requirements maybe higher. You need food that is liquid, that doesn’t contain caffeine (ideally naturally caffeine free, as decaffeination may introduce toxins), no artificial sweetener and that can facilitate body detoxing - to be most ideal.

My customers have tried water, green tea, fruit tea (more energy)… None of them are ideal. Finally, they found our tea, AromActive. “Being in a diet plan for several times, boy, this tea really makes my life easier to stick to my diet plan. When my body is faking hunger, I drink it. The special aroma somehow satisfied my appetite. This feeling is not experienced from other drinks I have tried. Water and other teas only make me even more hungry shortly. I never expect I could accomplish so much this time, and it is actually easier. Thank you!” The mind doesn’t need to fight with the body anymore, because whenever the body is about to fight, AromActive will somewhat make it satisfied, and the mind will calm down.  I joked with my customer, it is just like husband and wife, if the wife is picking a quarrel, the smart way is to listen and obey, instead of fighting back.

detox lunch from aromactive customerHere is a detox dish that one of my customers sent us.

The dish looks delicious… and by day 4, he has lost 3 pounds, his wife lost 3 pounds, his brother-in-law lost half of his belly… We are going to ask them for recipe.




AomActive is made of organic buckwheat plant.  Buckwheat is named as one of the superfood and is recommended in all diet and detox programs, such as Clean program, weight control diet program, and prediabetes diet program. Highly rich in antioxidants to help cleanse your body toxin. Rich mineral, 18 amino acids, and enzymes balance your nutrition, so you don’t feel so much craving for eating. Special grain aroma (buckwheat, although end with “wheat” is not a grain actually) satisfies your appetite. Its unique nutrient profile and trace minerals also help to balance blood sugar, blood pressure and blood cholesterol.