Is Our Tea Safe?

Yes.  AromActive tea is very safe, suitable for people of all ages including kids and seniors.

The main ingredients in AromActive tea include organic tartary black bitter buckwheat plant.  Buckwheat has been used as staple food and food ingredient for thousands of years in many contries including China, Japan, Korea, and Mongolia etc.  Buckwheat is named as a superfood commonly recommended in trendy food detox program. 

The ingredients used to make AromActive tea are harvested in mountains over an elevation of 8,200 feet, free of any pollution.  Raw materials of the AromActive tea is 100% natural, and go through stringent seed selection and process procedures to preserve the natural nutrients in the buckwheat plant.  The facility is ISO9001-2000 certified.
100% natural, gluten free, no sugar added, no artificial flavor, naturally caffeine-free