About AromActive

About AromActive™ – Support Body's Natural Healing of Metabolic Syndrom, Prediabetes, and Diabetes

AromActive™ is the leading wellness tea and diet drink brand, supporting body's natural healing of metabolic syndrom, diabetes, and prediabetes, and it is a brand of Centaqua Inc.  “Aroma + Active” means functional wellness tea and diet drink with great taste.  AromActive™ diet products (diet tea, diet drink, and diet food) were carefully selected and designed with these two criteria – excellent taste and metabolic wellness benefit.

AromActive tea is well known for its prediabetic, diabetic, and metabolic wellness benefits to support blood sugar balance, blood cholesterol balance, and blood pressure balance as a natural remedy.  It has rich content of flavonoid anti-oxidant, particularly Rutin.  Its high protein and mineral content helps curb appetite by making people feel fuller, longer.  It is often used as part of a weight loss diet plan as a natural hunger-quenching drink.

The AromActive tea is made of ingredients selected and harvested from mountains over an elevation of 8,200 feet, free of any pollution. The seed process is carefully designed to preserve the nutritional content in the tea and. The final AromActive tea is formulated into micro-particles to ensure the full release of the nutrients from the brewed tea bag. The large 0.2oz (6g) tea bag is designed for durable brewing and abundant nutrient release in each serving. The tea is 100% natural, and it has a delicious nutty, malty Soba flavor. The AromActive aroma and nutritional content make this tea a trendy drink for relaxing, thirst-quenching, hunger-quenching for diet control, natural prediabetic diet, and metabolic wellness.

AromActive - A delicious step towards A wellness lifestyle.