AromActive, Tea for Seniors

aromactive, rich in antioxidant, caffeine-freeSpecial considerations in selecting tea for seniors or older parents

As people getting old, Insomnia is becoming more common for seniors.  High blood pressure and prediabetic/diabetic conditions are also more common in seniors.  All these conditions demands careful selection of proper tea for seniors.

How to select a proper tea for seniors or for your older parents?  Is Tea or Green Tea suitable for seniors?

Green/white/black tea is well known for their antioxidant content and natural healing remedy on the effect of cardiovascular diseases and other metabolic diseases. However, the caffeine content within the cups prevents many people from enjoying these benefits. Caffeine consumption has been linked to sleep disturbance, anxiety, and high blood pressure.  Caffeine-rich tea is not so suitable for seniors or people with sleep disorder or heart conditions.

Decaffeinated tea may looks like one choice, yet the decaffeination process itself is an unnatural chemical process that not only destroys the antioxidant contents, but also makes the tea more danger than its unmodified version.

The solution to this is AromActive. The main ingredient of AromActive is buckwheat plant. It is a miracle plant. It not only contains plenty of antioxidants, amino acids and minerals, but is also caffeine-free by NATURE. In addition, it is one of the rare food plants that are naturally rich in DCI, which promotes glucose balance.

Let us compare AromActive with Green Tea.

  AromActive Green Tea
Naturally Caffeine-free Yes No
Glucose Balance Ingredients Yes No
Anti-oxidant Yes Yes
Sleep Disturbance No Possible
Anxiety and Rapid Heart Beat No Possible


It was found that the prevalence rates of hypertension, dyslipidaemia, and diabetes are significantly lower in people with lifetime consumption of buckwheat, one of the main ingredients in AromActive.

AromActive not only offers wellness benefits including glucose balance for prediabetes and antioxidant for cell protection, but also has no side effects of caffeine consumption.  It is an excellent wellness drink for seniors or people with sleep disorder or heart conditions.

AromActive OriginalNutty Flavor and JasmineNutty Flavor are caffeine-free. The large tea bag of AromActive can be easily used in a coffee maker, which makes the tea brewing easier and safer for seniors as well.

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