Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Question: How to brew AromActive tea?

Answer:  The preferred method is to use coffee maker to make AromActive tea.  Put one tea bag in the filter basket.  Brew it just like regular coffee.  Each tea bag is good for at least 10 cups of tea.  Brew the amount that you want to drink in the next 1-2 hours. Save the tea bag for the next brew.  You only need one tea bag per day.  Alternatively, you can use a regular pitcher/pot/cup to make the tea, Infuse 1 tea bag in boiling water for 5-10 minutes. Infuse the amount that you would drink in the next 1-2 hours.  You can infuse as many times as you like until the color disappears.


  1. Question: For its metabolic wellness benefit, how much AromActive tea should I drink each day?

Answer:  You can drink as much as you like each day.  To ease fake hunger in any detox, weight-loss, prediabetic, or diabetic diet program, you can drink it as morning detox tea, before lunch, dinner, and sleep to curb fake hunger as needed.


  1. Question:  How much tea can be brewed for each tea bag?

Answer: Recommend one tea bag to brew 10 cups of tea (80 oz).  You can infuse as many times as you like until the color disappears.


  1. Question: Can I eat the content in the tea bag after brewing?

Answer: Definitely yes.  They are all just natural food component.


  1. Question: For hunger-quenching in my weight loss plan, how much should I drink the AromActive tea?

Answer:  Recommend to drink one to two cups of the tea (8~16 oz) with each meal, and one cup between all meals.


  1.  Question: Does the AromActive have caffeine in it?

Answer:   There is no caffeine in AromActive OriginalNutty flavor and JasmineNutty flavor.  There are caffeine in the AromActive GreenNutty flavor.


  1. Question:  Is the AromActive tea gluten free?

Answer:  Yes.


  1.  Question:  Any sugar added to the AromActive tea?

Answer:  No sugar is added.


9. Question:  How much protein in each AromActive teabag?

Answer:  About 1 gram.


10.  Question:  How much antioxidants in each AromActive teabag?

Answer:   The major antioxidant group in AromActive is flavonoid.  There are 60mg of flavoid in the OriginalNutty, 144mg of flavonoid in the GreenNutty, and 186mg of flavonoid in the JasmineNutty.


11. Question:  Is AromActive tea safe for long-term usage?

Answer:  Yes.  The main ingredients in AromActive tea are all natural food ingredients, for example, buckwheat.  People have been consuming buckwheat as staple food for thousands of years.  It is a very safe natural food ingredient.


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