01:00 - Diabetes Risk Test

Diabetes Risk Test

Diabetes is becoming a global health issue for every country and influences many families. The good news is that diabetes can be prevented. The first step of any prevention is to understand the risk factors associated with the diseases. The test is based on the publications and guidelines from National Diabetes Eduction Program (NDEP) of NIH, and is adopted from the Metabolic Wellness Network website.

Select your preferred language, take the test, know your Diabetes Risk score, and share this software and our website with your friends and families.

English Version: Diabetes Risk Test

Chinese Version: 糖尿病风险测试

French Version: Test sur le risque de diabète

German Version: Risikotest für Diabetes

Japanese Version: 糖尿病リスクテスト

Korean Version: 당뇨병 위험 테스트

Spanish Version: Prueba de riesgo para la diabetes

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